Transform Outdoor Spaces into Profitable Extensions

Maximize the potential of your outdoor areas, turning them from simple open spaces into functional and luxurious extensions of your establishment. Whether you’re in hospitality or property development, our pergolas elevate and amplify.

Leading Establishments Choose The Smart Pergola®

From bustling restaurants to upscale hotels and modern apartments, our impact is felt across the commercial landscape. Esteemed businesses trust our expertise, leveraging our pergolas to enhance their spaces and offer unparalleled outdoor luxury to their clientele. Download our full list of commercial clients.


Ruth’s Chris

Bru Burger and Bar



Meridian Hills

Kimblewick Clubhouse

Bar Louie

Boosting Your Business ROI

From multi-location restaurants to sprawling office developments, our pergolas are designed to seamlessly cover vast expanses, ensuring every inch is utilized to its maximum potential.


Restaurants that have embraced our pergolas have not only seen increased revenue but have also enhanced their brand image and experience.

Apartment Developments

The Smart Pergola® elevates apartment living by offering residents a luxurious outdoor space, allowing enjoyment of seasonal weather with adaptable comfort.


Transform your office outdoor areas into versatile, welcoming spaces for employees to collaborate, relax, or host events, while contributing to an upscale corporate image and workplace well-being.

Best thing I have done in 30 years!

Rick’s Cafe Boatyard
Indianapolis, IN

Getting started is easy

1. Consultation

Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand the unique needs and dynamics of your commercial space. Whether it’s a restaurant, office, or hotel, our experts offer tailored insights and suggestions to ensure the pergola design aligns seamlessly with your business’s ambiance and operational needs.

2. Design Process

Our team then crafts a pergola design that reflects the character and functionality required for your commercial setting. We focus on aesthetic appeal, space utilization, and the specific requirements of a business environment, involving you in every step to guarantee that the final design supports your business goals.

3. Installation

With the design in place, our professional installation team efficiently constructs your commercial pergola. We prioritize precision and minimal disruption to your business operations, ensuring a smooth and timely setup. Our experienced crew handles every aspect, from structural integrity to final touches.

4. Grow

The final step is seeing your business space transformed. The new pergola not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your establishment but also enhances the customer experience. It’s now a space where guests can comfortably enjoy the outdoors, potentially increasing your business’s footfall and revenue.

Architect’s Hub

We equip architects with the tools they need to envision and execute. Dive into our comprehensive suite of specs and 3D tools that empower you to craft spaces of distinction. With The Smart Pergola at your fingertips, design better, and elevate every outdoor experience.