Pergola Design

Pergola Flexibility Serves Many Purposes

A louvered pergola is the most versatile structure for outdoor spaces for your home. Pergolas can be stand-alone structures covering and featuring a seating area or a walkway. It can also be installed over your deck or patio. If yours is The Smart Pergola® system with motorized louvered roofing panels, the options are limited only by your imagination.

The origin of the word, pergola, is Latin, referring to a projecting eave. Today it is an outdoor structure with columns that support a roofing grid and rafters. The roof may or may not be left open.

Benefits of roofing on a pergola

While open-roofed pergolas may be whimsical and ethereal with vines growing up the columns and showy flower clusters of wisteria hanging loose, they don’t offer much protection from the weather. They also generally require difficult upkeep.

Useful pergolas are those that protect you from the sun and rain so you can enjoy the luxurious outdoor environment you envision. The motorized louvered roofing panels of The Smart Pergola® mean the outdoor cooking and dining experience you plan can go forward rain or shine. Using the remote or your own Smart Home technology, you have control at your fingertips. Louvers are adjustable from zero to 170 degrees and anywhere in between for just the right amount of light and protection.

The Smart Pergola® offers unmatched versatility

The Smart Pergola® brings unmatched versatility to add that special touch to your ideal outdoor living area. With available options, The Smart Pergola® system can transform an outdoor environment into a space for year-round outdoor living.  There are so many uses. This hardscape feature is the perfect solution for a separate partially enclosed sitting area in your secret garden or covering the walkway to or from the pool or spa.

Completely manufactured in the United States from recycled aluminum and stainless steel components, The Smart Pergola® systems are not only environmentally friendly but come in an extensive array of colors, with materials and finishes to complement all architectural and landscape styles.

The exquisite design and options to customize your pergola will make it a work of art that adds to lavish outdoor living. Adding accent lighting, ceiling fans, automated retracting solar shades, screens, or privacy curtains personalizes the space to reflect you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Manufacturing and construction

The Smart Pergola® is an industry leader in outdoor living structures. Every detail is considered in the construction, design, and installation of The Smart Pergola® systems, which leads to the ultimate customer experience.

The Smart Pergola® system is a fully extruded aluminum louvered pergola. It is run by an industry-leading linear drive system that makes the operation of the louvers smooth and efficient. A gutter system has been integrated into the roof system using patented gutter corner pieces. The roofing system is engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, which eliminates all worries about the demanding Indianapolis weather. Your pergola is further protected by a chemical-textured powder coat that makes for a more scratch-resistant surface.

The Smart Pergola® staff also considers every detail in planning and designing a pergola for your home. The design is tailored to your property and results in a highly personalized luxury louvered roof of extraordinary quality and appearance. The beauty and functionality of a pergola from The Smart Pergola® is enhanced by the low maintenance required and the long-lasting durability of the product.

For any area of your outdoor living space requiring convenient sun and rain weather control, the distinct elegant look and customized luxury louvered roof pergola of extraordinary quality is smart and effective space management. And that is a perfect solution.

Beautiful design and customized to your property, outstanding mechanical structure and operation, along with the durability of The Smart Pergola® makes this product an investment that you will appreciate and enjoy for years to come. Contact us to get started.

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