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Patio Covers for Solving Outdoor Living Problems

The Smart Pergola patio cover installed over a residential outdoor living space.

Patio covers are problem solvers for homeowners! People are as unpredictable as the weather in central Indiana, especially when it relates to outdoor living and entertaining. There are times when the bright, hot sun fits the atmosphere of an event. Then there are other times when the sun is too bright and too warm for family and guests, leaving everyone to wilt. In these instances, outdoor gatherings are abandoned in favor of the comfort of a cool space indoors.

You can embrace all of the diverse outdoor environments you want to create and when you want them with the installation of patio covers from The Smart Pergola®. Customized to your needs, our patio covers can be installed in any area of a patio requiring convenient sun weather control.

Patio covers are typically roof structures over a patio that are attached to your home or free-standing. The Smart Pergola® patio covers do much more than just provide a covering for your patio. They allow you to create comfortable living and entertaining spaces where you can enjoy the sounds and sights of nature and feel the cool breeze.


The Smart Pergola® patio covers are aluminum louvered roof systems designed to withstand the high winds and heavy snow loads every home in Metro Indianapolis experiences. As unpredictable as the weather can be, the flexibility of these patio covers overcomes those challenges. You can easily make adjustments to provide the consistent environment you want. With the touch of a finger on a remote or integrated into your Smart Home technology, the fully automated louvers in the roof system change angles anywhere from zero to 170 degrees.

The Smart Pergola® company is committed to environmental innovation. Products, including patio covers, are manufactured with the environment in mind using recycled aluminum and stainless steel parts.

The Smart Pergola® constantly applies advanced technologies to provide products of unparalleled quality. Through high standards in production and attention to detail, we can offer the smooth and efficient operation of an industry-leading linear drive train as well as a fully extruded aluminum louvered roof system. Patio covers and all our products are manufactured in the United States.

The commitment to environmental innovation extends to installation as well. The motorized louvered roofing panels can be hardwired or solar-powered.

Patio covers from The Smart Pergola® that make comfortable outdoor living possible are low maintenance and durable enough to withstand years of extreme Indianapolis weather. When you install The Smart Pergola patio covers you will find the result is smart and effective space management that you will love for years to come.


Not only is the engineering and construction of The Smart Pergola® system patio covers exemplary, but so is the design. Built into the design of every louvered roofing system is your ability to control the sun and shade and do it beautifully in Hamilton County and beyond.

Custom design brings luxury and appeal to your outdoor spaces. We offer design assistance to ensure the perfect fit and configuration of our patio covers.

The exquisite design options are highly functional taking into consideration how the patio is situated on the property and the path of the sun. We have paid close attention to the details and use of The Smart Pergola® system patio covers. There is a built-in gutter system with our patented gutter corner pieces in all our luxury louvered roof systems.

As part of the manufacturing process, your patio covers will be treated with a chemical textured powder coating. You receive a long-lasting durable product with a more scratch-resistant surface that will stay beautiful.

Every patio cover with The Smart Pergola® is a work of art, designed to enhance any architectural style or landscape. The standard color options are White, Beige, Taupe, Gray, Bronze, and Black. For unique applications, The Smart Pergola® system is available in thousands of custom colors.


We provide services based on the philosophy – If it can be done, we will do it!

The versatility of The Smart Pergola® system patio covers means they are customized to your space. There may be areas of the patio you want to be left exposed to the sun and stars. Or perhaps the sun requires the louvers to be installed at a different angle for proper sun and shade control.

Your patio cover can be customized with:

  • Custom colors
  • Design of support columns
  • Accent lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Retracting solar shades
  • Curtains/privacy walls

You have the vision of an exquisite, comfortable, relaxing outdoor environment with an elegant distinct look. With The Smart Pergola® systems, we can help you bring that vision to your home. Contact us to get started.

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