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“Make the most of your outdoor living with the ideal patio and deck cover.”

StruXure was founded in 2011 by CEO and Chief Product Architect, Scott Selzer. As a former middle school teacher with a part-time remodeling company, Scott specialized in building decks, pergolas, basements and other home improvement projects. Inspired by his students to follow his dream to become a full-time entrepreneur, Scott started Adjustable Patio Covers, a company specializing in outdoor spaces.

With a large demand for patio covers that would allow shelter from inclement weather conditions while receiving maximum airflow, Scott began distributing Louvered Roofs, an adjustable cover originating from Australia. As the first company to bring this product to the east coast, popularity grew around the louvered roofs and Scott quickly found ways to re-design, innovate and patent a higher quality version of the product to provide to his local customer base, The StruXure System.

Engineered and designed to withstand all types of weather conditions from heavy snow to high winds, this one-of-a-kind luxury louvered roof was established in 2011 and has been one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States.

In the spring of 2014 Claudio and Anna Bertolini, Carmel residents, discovered the StruXure Adjustable Louvered Roof system. In the summer, they had their existing pergola retrofitted to maximize the use of their outdoor living area. They fell in love with StruXure and they were referring to their new pergola as “The Smart Pergola”.

Claudio had been in the medical equipment business for 31 years. He started and managed operations in Europe and North America. Based on his experience with distribution and customer service, StruXure offered him and Anna the opportunity to represent their product in Indiana.

Claudio and Anna realized immediately what a great opportunity this was. They both loved outdoor living and meeting new people, and they were not afraid of hard work. This gave Claudio the possibility of putting into practice and directly controlling what he had always been passionate about: representing a great innovative product and offering the best service and support that a customer could expect before, during and after a sale. This was the start of “The Smart Pergola” ® in Indiana.

After only a few months, there were a great demand and many happy and satisfied customers who were delighted with The Smart Pergolas and the local support they had received. This indicated that also in Indiana there was a great demand for the product. From there, the company has expanded to support hundreds of residential and commercial clients and become the company of choice for a reliable, flexible and elegant outdoor area cover .


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